Moving Fragile Items in Sydney Inner West

Moving Fragile Items in Sydney Inner West

There is a bad side to moving your items. While some things are fairly resilient and will withstand the rough and tumble of packing and moving, there are others that are fairly fragile. These are generally those to which we attach the most sentimental value. While the Sydney removalists Inner West specialists will do their best to preserve your prized fragile items, sometimes accidents are simply inevitable. As a result, it is important that you take extra precautions when you are planning your move. The best precautions can be taken by incorporating good packing tips for your fragile items which will ensure that they reach safely to your new destination.

Good Packing Practices will start with having the right tools and materials

The best of these can be supplied by the Sydney removalists Inner West specialists. If it is not too costly, you can talk to them and discuss the pricing for these and even packing services. If you can afford it, it is even advisable to let the professionals handle the complexities of packing the items which are easily breakable. Some of the materials and tools which you will need in order to ensure safety include the following:

  • Have a secure packing tape
  • Use old paper and avoid using newsprints as these can stain your items
  • Bubble wraps
  • Have strong and also durable boxes which have stable sides

The Sydney removalists Inner West contractors can supply you with storage boxes which have special handles. These can be used in the packing of the crockery or your ornaments. It is important these storage boxes are durable as you can put them to other uses once you have settled down in your new home. If you will be doing the packing yourself, you can begin by accumulating the shredded paper from the office. These can make for great cushioning for the easily breakable items. Other kinds of paper that you can use in providing the cushioning include blank newsprints and brown papers. These can offer great cushioning without necessarily staining your most valued items.

Packing the Breakables

When you will be packing the breakables, you could easily drop them on the floor or on other breakable items thus incurring losses even before the removals experts have arrived at your premises. Fine glassware may not break but they could scratch surfaces during the packing process so you also need to take extra precautions when packing these up.

Steps to Follow When Packing Breakables

Line the box: The first step that you need to undertake is line the box where they will be placed with some soft papers that will serve as a cushion.

Pack layer by layer: You can start by packing your saucers and plates and put them layer after layer on stacks after wrapping each of them with brown paper or blank newsprints. This paper will cushion them and prevent them from banging against each other and breaking up.

Pack the top delicately: Once you are done with plates and saucers, you can wrap the wine glasses and other pieces of china in soft paper and place them delicately at the top of the boxes. Do not pack the top too high as this might create difficulty in sealing the boxes.

Seal and Label: Use a strong packing tape in order to seal the boxes securely and then label the contents the box. It is also important to add the word “FRAGILE” so that whoever will be unloading the box handles it with care.

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