Fun Activities For Kids While on a Beach House Vacation

Fun Activities For Kids While on a Beach House Vacation

With the holidays around the corner, planning a trip with kids filled with fun activities requires a fair bit of research. While adults can lounge around and enjoy the sunshine at your next beach vacation like a rented sunshine coast accommodation, children need to be kept busy or land up watching television instead.


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The following list helps you put together some fun, creative ideas for your kids to enjoy their beach vacation.

Beach Art

Since the beach might be just a stone’s throw away from your booked sunshine coast accommodation, beach art can be really exciting for children. Rentals like Kings Beach accommodation have a plethora of flora, fauna, and shells in and around their properties. Children can take their sand buckets and go searching for different colored shells along the coast. Not only will it give them something fun to hunt for, they will barely realize where the time went. Once they have collected as many shells as they can, they can carry poster boards or large construction paper where they can glue their shells into beautiful fridge magnet-worthy artwork. You can always frame the pictures once you are back from the vacation to preserve them.

Race On The Beach

Since you may be on a family vacation at your Moffat Beach accommodation, you can get the entire family together to have small, timed races on the beach. Relay races are great for older grandparents who cannot run for too long or too fast. You can organize prizes in the form of dessert or other beach related items, which can be handed out during dinner at your sunshine coast accommodation.


Although this is a well-known game for both kids and adults, you can incorporate it on your beach vacation with the kids by splitting into teams and playing it on the sand. Since the beach will not be too far from your Caloundra beach accommodation, you can easily play this with the entire family or friends at any time of the day while there’s still light outside.

Tide Pools & Mermaids

There are plenty of tide pools along the Sunshine Coast that invite a host of creatures like crabs, shrimp, small fish and other creatures to form their own cohesive ecosystem. You can take the kids out and teach them about the different creatures or have them take pictures so they can come back home and sketch them. Mermaid tails and costumes are easily found online or at party rental stores where you can dress them up and yourself to have a great time in the shallow tide pools.

Beach Yoga

A family that exercises together usually finds ways of making time to be together in the future as well. If you have kids who are early risers, you can convince them to try out your yoga routine on the beach. Not only will it make them more focused as individuals, it will give them more energy to play about during the daytime.

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