Don’t Leave For Your Rainforest Tour Without These Items

Don’t Leave For Your Rainforest Tour Without These Items

Just because forest tours are all about adventure and the unexpected doesn’t mean you go on a tour without ample preparation. Some people scoff at the idea of bringing along convenience items because it is the complete opposite of roughing it out. However, people join Daintree rainforest tours for different reasons – some are seasoned veterans, while others are trying out nature tours for the first time. To ensure that your tour stays enjoyable and comfortable, don’t leave home without the following items inside your duffel bag.


A small, battery-operated handheld fan can do wonders, especially in the rainforest where it’s hot and humid. If you don’t have one, even those little woven fans will do, as long as you’re okay with exercising your arms throughout the afternoon fanning yourself. Click here Discovery Tours

Proper Clothing

Tours in Daintree rainforest take tourists to see the flora and fauna of the rainforest in their most natural habitat. Tourists see rainforests at hot and humid places, so they often dress in tank tops and shorts. However, many do forget that once the sun goes down, the nights can be cold. Always prepare clothing for both hot and cold weather. In the absence of any long-sleeved shirts and pants, you can use ponchos, jackets and long socks as well.

We can’t discuss clothing without going into the most important part of your ensemble – your shoes. When it comes to footwear, bring something that’s sturdy and can be used for climbing or walking in muddy areas. Make sure it’s okay to get your shoes wet.


Most Daintree rainforest tours happen during the day, where the sun is at its hottest. Bring a nice hat or cap, preferably one with a brim to cover your face. Not only will it protect you from the sun’s heat, but also help you see the sights better.

Food to Munch on

For tourists, one of the biggest highlights of every rainforest trip is the food. Meals are usually made up of exotic cuisine that one doesn’t see everyday. However, the tours Daintree rainforest offers can take a long time and make you hungry, and if your stomach can’t hold on till the next meal, you have to deal with hunger pangs. Always have something to munch to tide you over until lunch or dinner.

Remember though that some foods are not suitable for Daintree rainforest tours. Crackers and granola bars are safe bets. Don’t take sweets with you, especially chocolate. They will melt easily due to the humid air and it can attract insects and small animals too.


Of course, if this is your first time on a rainforest tour, you would want to have memories of it. Having a camera around is a great way to take selfies of your trip. Remember though, to see if your rainforest tour guides have any rules about cameras. Some tours may not allow camera phones for safety reasons, while others ask their patrons to turn off the flash on their cameras so as not to scare the animals.

The Tour Store

What if you didn’t bring any of the aforementioned items? Thankfully, most tour operators sell comfort items via their shop. Even affordable and cheap Daintree rainforest tours like are prepared for situations like these. They always have comfort items available for tourists who would like to take it easy during the rainforest tour and who are not ready for a rough adventure. For more details, check out this at

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