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Top Sight Seeing Destinations in New Zealand

Top Sight Seeing Destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand is specially gifted when it comes to natural beauty and attractions. There are plenty of destinations to add to your list if you want to go sightseeing. Before you book sight seeing tours New Zealand has to offer, you need to make a note of the top destinations that offer the best and most scenic views. That way, you will have an idea on what destinations to look out for when comparing tour itineraries. Milford Sound Milford Sound is a unique specimen. In a country like New Zealand gifted with so much natural beauty, you can only imagine what awaits you as this makes it on top of the list. Sight seeing tours in New Zealand will never be without a trip to Milford Sound. It is a fjord located in South Island that offers a spectacular fusion of natural and visual cues ranging from dramatic landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers and a serene lake. Bay of Islands Another must when checking out New Zealand sight seeing tours is Bay of Islands. This is an enclave that consists of 140 subtropical islands located next to North Island. This is a great destination for those looking to explore untouched beaches or discover artifacts from the Maori culture that once lived in these islands. However, touring the islands via hot air balloon offers a spectacular treat – the sight of the many islands are truly breathtaking from above! Read more at Lake Wanaka This is another notable destination included in many sight seeing tours New Zealand has today. It is famous with international tourists due to the wide array of recreational activities within the lake. It is also a famous spot for parachuting, skiing, climbing and other water sports activities. Tongariro National Park This volcanic park is included in sight seeing tours New Zealand has to offer for its natural beauty and for the cultural value for the park. There are several important Maori sites within the volcanic park. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the oldest national park in the country. Fox Glacier If you are looking for an adventure tour, then Fox Glacier won’t disappoint. You will be fascinated by the glacial formations and snow-capped peaks on the site. It is also the longest glacier in the West Coast, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists who are into heli-hikes, ice climbing, and glacier tours. Franz Josef Glacier This is another great destination for the ultimate glacier adventure in New Zealand. As with Fox Glacier, there are heli tours available to the site. You can also explore the idea of touring it via hot air balloon if you want a new perspective at enjoying the spectacular views of the glacial formations and mountains. It is a rare opportunity you cannot afford to miss! If you are planning for a trip to the country, you can look up the cheap sight seeing tours in New Zealand available through Ballooning Canterbury. You might have visited New Zealand before but you probably haven’t seen it from the top! A hot air balloon tour is therefore the best way to experience New Zealand through a bird’s eye view. To find out more about how to book a tour and what options are available, go to

The Wonderful Experience of Shark Fishing

The Wonderful Experience of Shark Fishing

Fishing is a wonderful sport that you can enjoy while on a tour. In the normal course, fishing is restricted to the lakes, ponds or the backwaters of the sea. How about fishing in the deep sea and that too catching the dreaded shark? That would be a stunning experience.  This is one of the unique features of tours which assist in shark fishing in the Algarve, Portugal.

Shark fishing in the Algarve

Popular beaches:

In order to enjoy this sport, you should visit Faro, which is one of the most preferred destinations in the tourist map of Portugal. The city is home to three popular beaches namely Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura. These three coasts are located to the southern side of Faro. Tourists flock to these coasts because they offer wonderful opportunities for varieties of water sports.

Take part in shark fishing:

Similar to shark fishing in the Algarve, you also find such fishing activities in the other two coasts namely Albufeira and Vilamoura. Interestingly, you can even take part in this wonderful fishing activity. The experts will guide you in this type of adventurous fishing activity.  After a few catches, you would agree that shark fishing in Albufeira and other coasts is not dangerous when it is done under the supervision of experts.

Popular among tourists:

This adventurous sport is very popular among tourists. However, before you undertake this adventurous sport, there are certain important things that you should carefully consider. These issues are explained as follows:

  • You should ensure that the professionals you are planning to hire for these adventurous sports are sufficiently experienced and trained in shark fishing. They must use modern fishing gadgets. The persons in shark fishing activity should take adequate precautionary measures.
  • The professionals normally follow the principle of tagging and release. That means, sharks that you catch during shark fishing in the Algarve should be safely let into the water within the time stipulated.
  • Always avail the services of professionals who are registered with the appropriate government bodies. You should also ensure they are adequately insured. The insurance should cover the unnamed tourists.
  • Sharks are known for their heavy build and ferociousness. They are available in varieties of species. Hence, the professionals who conduct the shark fishing tours should have knowledge about all varieties of these fishes. They should explain the salient features of the varieties of sharks. That would be a wonderful opportunity to know more about these giant fishes.
  • The boat that you hire for shark fishing should be sufficiently equipped with modern fishing gadgets. It should also be ensured that all the safety gadgets are in perfect working condition.
  • Shark fishing tours are available during certain periods depending on the weather condition and such other parameters. The shark fishing days in the Algarve are normally announced, and they are available on the official websites of shark fishing agencies.
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    Optimising Your Boat for Comfort and Convenience: Essential Equipment for Sailing

    Optimising Your Boat for Comfort and Convenience: Essential Equipment for Sailing

    When owning a boat in Australia, the difference between being able to use it and being comfortable and convenient while sailing it across the country’s beautiful waters is huge. Typically, it should be prepped and fitted out in a way that enables you to relax and enjoy each of your voyages, as well as travel with the peace of mind that it is well-equipped for every eventuality. So, how will you modify your boat to become as functional, comfortable, and convenient as possible? You can start with the following sailing equipment Australia has.

    sailing equipment australia

    1. Stepped Hull

    In modern application, this type of hull redefines the standards of performance and efficiency in sailing. Basically, it gives your boat a larger deadrise in its bow, allowing it to ride flatter on the water. And with the added steps, you can improve fuel efficiency and achieve more speed with less horsepower. Click here Bosun’s Locker

    2. More-Efficient Propeller

    Replacing your stock fixed-blade propeller with one that feathers three or four blades will give your boat more speed and easier steering capabilities. By using this specialized sailing equipment in Australia, you can maneuver your boat easily even with a slight wind off its beam.

    3. Autopilot and Self-Steering System

    Mostly, you can sail with only two or three people on board, relying on your boat’s mechanical steering system to helm it for days on end. However, with a robust autopilot and self-steering system, you will be able to handle your boat in a plethora of conditions. You can steer it for weeks without consuming power from its battery.

    4. Bow Thrusters

    Fundamentally, the sailing equipment Australia stores sell will come in pretty handy when you are struggling in tight spaces. They make steering in small ports really easy.

    5. Power Winches

    Exerting too much physical effort to sail, especially when you are short-handed, is no fun, which is why you should consider adding power winches. With these components, you will be able to hoist and reef your boat’s main to sail to a certain destination—all possible with just a touch of a button. read more